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Financing Life on Our Planet

M-Kopa Solar

Source: http://solar.m-kopa.com

M-KOPA has connected over 600,000 homes to affordable solar power with 500 new homes being added everyday. Current customers will make projected savings of US$ 450M over the next four years. M-KOPA customers will enjoy 75 million hours of kerosene – free lighting per month.

M-KOPA has developed a proprietary, patented technology platform that combines embedded GSM + mobile payments to revolutionize asset financing in emerging markets. The M-KOPAnet platform has been designed and built from the ground up by our talented team of software engineers, who continue to innovate and improve the system every day. It offers the powerful combination of accounting, customer relationship management and inventory tracking in one complete system.

Aside from enabling the business operations to scale at record speed, the M-KOPAnet™ platform captures and processes huge volumes of data, enabling them to improve their proposition, customer service, and security in real-time.