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Financing Life on Our Planet

RAD Mangrove Tokens – Under Development


Mangrove habitats act as a carbon sink, and have been shown to sequester more carbon than an equivalent area of terrestrial forests. Carbon is sequestered in mangrove trees as well as in the soil. Mangroves are special:

■ Guardians of the shore: prevents soil erosion

■ Climate Superheroes: sequester 5x more CO2 than other types of forest

■ Biodiversity refuge: provide vital habitat for animals and birds

■ Protect people from extreme weather, tsunamis and flooding

■ Improve soil quality and provide food and medicine

■ Mangrove roots support marine life and corals

The RAD Mangrove Tokens will allow investors to invest in mangrove trees and benefit from the carbon sequestration yield of the additional mangroves planted.

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