Radiances.xyz is innovating our capital markets by valuing and tokenizing Life on Our Planet

RAD500: Building the ultimate social enterprise scorecard for sustaining Life on Our Planet.

Tokenization for Preserving Life on Our Planet for 2050.


Financing Life on Our Planet

CEO’s Message

Preeti Sinha, CEO & Founder, Radiances.xyz


An experienced investment and development banker associated with raising and managing cumulatively $20 billion in institutional development capital over a 30-year career in global investment banks and multilateral development banks. Developing Social Impact FinTech platforms.

MBA Yale, WEF Global Leadership Fellow

I believe in catalysing large pools to invest in improving planet and human life with social and financial returns.

Capital is a human construct and its purpose should include ensuring basic standards of living for all. I curate Impact Investors who invest for both financial and social returns.

I believe in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I want to Enable Basic Standards of Living for All. I am also a strong believer in preserving and sustaining Life on Our Planet as inspired by the Witness Statement of Sir David Attenborough.

I believe social enterprises are creating business solutions to preserve and sustain Life on Our Planet for 2050 and onwards.

I want to move the needle on wealth and offer large, credible, social and financial returns-based investment opportunities. We are working on identifying and creating the Future We Want 500 (FWW500) companies.