Radiances.xyz is innovating our capital markets by valuing and tokenizing Life on Our Planet

RAD500: Building the ultimate social enterprise scorecard for sustaining Life on Our Planet.

Tokenization for Preserving Life on Our Planet for 2050.


Financing Life on Our Planet

RAD Tokens

A Token is defined as a symbol or visible representation of something or something that indicates authority, proof, or authenticity.

Banknotes and coins denote a legal right of ownership of the underlying currency.

Radiances.xyz is bringing to market the tangible value to the existence and preservation of nature and biodiversity and tokenizing planet and human preservation assets.

Asset Tokenization involves issuing a digital token on a blockchain, whereby that token represents an underlying tangible or intangible asset.

The economic value of the asset is conferred to the token. Ownership of the asset is represented by ownership of the token on the blockchain.

Tokenization creates new liquidity in markets for real-world assets which are traditionally intangibly valued or highly illiquid.

Ownership rights can also be embedded directly into the Token, with the possibility of having contractual obligations enshrined into Smart Contracts which execute automatically.

A new ‘Token Economy’ for preserving Life on Our Planet and thereby preventing of Pandemics and Disasters is being proposed by the Radiances.xyz (RAD).

RAD Tokens are Security Tokens (ST) representing part ownership of an asset.

Radiances.xyz will create a Capital Markets of like-minded Investors for these RAD Tokens.

Value: The RAD Tokens will have a value when issued.

Profit/Loss: The value of the RAD Token will vary based on how well humans preserve nature.

Liquidity: The RAD Tokens can be traded within the investors and later on a regular Exchange.

Faster & Cheaper Transactions: As Smart Contracts will automate parts of the transaction.

Transparency of Ownership: The Ownership is embedded in the RAD Token.

More Accessible: RAD Tokens would make investments more accessible to a wider set of investors.

Compliance: Compliance will be embedded in the Token based on the Buyer and Seller jurisdictions